Posted on June 04, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Bahamas-flagged Cruise ship, Columbus collided with an unidentified submerged object on May the 30th while exiting the port of Amsterdam.

The incident occurred while the vessel was leaving the Netherlands, embarking on a cruise of the Norwegian Fjords.

As soon as the vessel cast off, it collided with an unidentified object in the water forcing the ship to return to port.

The port of Amsterdam Authority and the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate arrived the vessel in order to investigate the extent of the damage.

They cleared the vessel, and the ship continued its journey to the Norwegian Fjords on the early morning hours of May the 31st.

However, the vessel experienced a number of problems with its rudder, making navigation difficult during the transit and was forced to turn around.

It proceeded to sail to Ijmuiden under its own power, but due to the major steering problems, it had to receive assistance by two tugs on its entry to the port.

An initial damage assessment revealed a major engine issue and the entire cruise had to be cancelled.

The vessel is currently en route to Rotterdam, where it will be placed in a drydock in order to undergo repairs.

The passengers aboard the vessel have all had to disembark and had their tickets & travel costs refunded by the cruise line.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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