Posted on November 05, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Containership BEGONIA S, collided with the Polish-chartered fishing vessel, Mietus II, late in the evening of November the 3rd, sinking it in the process.

The collision took place in the Baltic Sea, some 16 km southwest of Bornholm island. There were 16 people on board the fishing vessel at the time of the incident.

The rescue started at about 5 am in the morning lasting about 30 minutes.

All onboard the vessel were successfully evacuated, following the intervention of Danish Search and Rescue services, which involved two helicopters and three ships, with one person being hospitalized for minor head trauma.  

The Begonia S, which was en route from Poland to the UK, has been ordered to suspend its journey and anchor at Ronne, Bornholm for further investigation.

Both Polish and Danish Authorities are looking into the circumstances of the accident and have launched their own investigations into the matter.

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