Posted on October 16, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

After five days of entanglement, the Tunisian flagged RoRo Ulysse, and the Cypriot CLS Virginia have finally disentangled.

The Ulysse was finally granted permission to leave the collision scene after the ship's class society deemed the vessel was in good condition to sail.

The CLS Virginia however, remains anchored, having received extensive damage across its hull. Due to the hull breach on its starboard side, an estimated 600cbm fuel has spilled forth from the vessel, contaminating the surrounding waters.

Under the supervision of the French Navy, anti-pollution vessels on the scene have collected an estimated 1000 cbm of fuel mixed with seawater, leaving less than 2pct of the spilled fuel in the water.

According to French maritime authorities, there are no longer any significant fuel patches detected in the surrounding area. 


Image Courtesy: French Navy/Marine Nationale



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