Posted on July 16, 2018 by Hannah Berry

Operations have been suspended in the Haitian port of Laffiteau due to civil unrest as protestors reacted angrily over the steep fuel price increase in the Caribbean nation.

The Haitian daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste had reported that prices for gasoline were due to rise 38% whilst the price of diesel was to go up by 47% and the price of kerosene would rise by 51% in an agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund. The double-digit increases were implemented to help boost government revenue and strengthen the deprived country’s economy.

However, Prime Minister Guy Lafontant announced a temporary stop to the price increases on Saturday 14th July, just a day after the hikes had been announced and appealed for calm amongst the protestors.

E & M International Consulting, have said that Port-Au-Prince was now open and operating, as well as the port of Cap Haitien to the north. However, the port of Laffiteau remains shut as protestors continue to block streets in Haiti amid scenes of looting and damaging local premises.

The Swedish P&I Club issued a statement to all members advising as to the current situation at the Haitian port:

We recommend that any members who call at Laffiteau(...) to avoid said ports or proceed with caution as the same remain without operations and therefore loading or discharging cargo at any of the three (3) will be limited.

Authorities are monitoring the unrest, but operations will only resume when conditions improve and the riots cease.

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