Posted on June 12, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Chinese-flagged Oil Tanker, Hongpu 228 crashed into the Shanghai Maritime Patrol Vessel, Haixun 01 in the afternoon of June the 10th, while the vessel was transiting through the Yangtze River.

Reportedly, the oil tanker was trying to avoid inspection by Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (CMSA) at the time when the collision occurred. The Hongpu 228 had been suspected of smuggling refined oil and was being chased by the Haixun 01.

The vessel had been spotted transiting near the Yangtze River estuary at approximately 18:20 hours.

The patrol vessel proceeded to radio the ship but received no response in return. Following the radio call, the tanker attempted to speed up and flee the scene.

Haixun 01 managed to catch up to the tanker and asked it to stop; however, the tanker turned around and faced the patrol vessel, causing the two ships to collide.

Both ships suffered damage as a result of the collision.No one was injured in the process, but the collision was considered extremely dangerous.

The oil tanker was handed over to the Chinese Coast Guard at 22:00, and it was towed by a tug the Chinese Coast Guard wharf at Pudong.

The crew of the vessel were taken into custody by the CMSA.

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