Posted on November 19, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Chinese Cargo Ship, Hongtai16, sank in the afternoon of November the 17th in the South China sea, near the eastern coast of the Guangdong province.

The cargo ship was sailing some 40 nautical miles southeast of the Shenquan Port, when allegedly, due to adverse weather conditions present in the area, the vessel began developing a heavy list.

As a result, the vessel capsized and proceeded to sink.

Fortunately, the crew of the vessel was fully prepared, and sent off a distress signal right before the vessel capsized.

Taking into account the adverse conditions in the area, namely, low temperatures, high wind and low visibility, the Guangdong Maritime Rescue services rushed to the scene, and successfully managed to save the crew of the vessel.

Thankfully, the location of the distress call was accurate, and the crew was prepared for their rescue, having already boarded two life rafts.

All 11 seafarers are safe and sound, having been picked up by a SAR helicopter belonging to Guangdong Maritime Rescue.

The crew has been transported to Jieyang Chaoshan airport.



ARX Maritime recommends that all vessels make sure they adhere to the SOLAS convention at all times and that their vessels are equipped with the recommended safety equipment.

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