Posted on June 26, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Phillippine Cargo Ship, MV Eva Mary Grace capsized in the afternoon of June the 25th while undergoing mooring operations in San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines.

According to the Central Visayas Coast Guard Spokesperson, Lt. Jr. Grade Michael Encina, the incident occurred at approximately 16:30 LT, at the SEDC Port in Barangay South Poblacion.

The vessel was in the process of being loaded when reportedly, a huge swell caused the vessel to start listing to one side.

The ship continued to list, and capsized almost immediately, causing several injuries among the 12 crewmembers present on the vessel.

A distress call was made to the local authorities; by 17:00 hours, a Coast Guard Marine Environmental Unit vessel and a medical ambulance had arrived on site to assist with the search & rescue, and subsequent containment operation.

All crew members were successfully rescued, however, the vessel’s crane operator, Manuel Incarnacion was trapped inside the cargo ship when the vessel capsized; he was seriously injured in the process and is being treated at a local hospital.

Containment booms have been placed in the port in order to prevent an oil spill, seeing as the vessel was carrying over 12,000 litres of diesel oil at the time of the incident.

Presently, an investigation has been launched into the incident, as there is some suspicion over the alleged reason behind the sinking of the vessel.

“We will further investigate their claims that huge waves caused the vessel to sink because there was no gale warning yesterday (Tuesday). There was a low-pressure area, but it was far from Cebu,” said Mr. Encina in a statement to the press.


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