Posted on February 27, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A devastating fire erupted in the engine room of the Belize-flagged general cargo ship, Hala B, in the evening of February the 26th.

The vessel was anchored at Chioggia Anchorage at the time of the incident.

At approximately 18:00 local time, the crew noticed the fire and notified the local authorities.

Having noticed the extent of the fire, the Master called for the crew of 18 to abandon the burning ship.

Following the call, local firefighters arrived at the scene alongside a number of firefighting tugs.

They tried to board the ship but ultimately failed.

This was mostly attributed to faulty firefighting equipment on board; malfunctioning generators and limited water pressure.

Teams of divers from Chioggia and from Mestre had also arrived in order to assist with the operation.

The situation is unclear as to the status of the fire at this time.

Firefighters are mostly concerned with the fire spreading to other areas of the ship. 

The fire managed to damage the stern, engine room and the accommodation area but has yet to spread to the cargo hold.

The Hala B is carrying a cargo of timber, and should the fire reach the hold, it will prove difficult to control.

There is currently no mention of injuries as a result of the incident.  

We don’t yet know what events led to the fire, but an investigation into the exact cause of the incident has been launched by local authorities.

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