Posted on September 19, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A fire broke out in the engine room of the Dutch-flagged Cargo Ship, Friso during the afternoon hours of September the 16h while the vessel was transiting through IJmeer, Amsterdam.

The incident occurred at approximately 14:00 hours, while the vessel was transiting through the bordering lake, IJmeer, some two kilometres off Uitdam, Netherlands.

The crew initially tried to extinguish the fire but ultimately failed and decided to close all the windows and doors in the vessel before fleeing onto a nearby barge.

The local fire brigade and maritime authorities were informed of the incident. At approximately 14:40 hours, the oil & gas tanks onboard the vessel started to glow orange.

Fearing an explosion, the Dutch Coastguard ordered nearby vessels to evacuate the area.

Fire boats and lifeboats that had attempted to aid the vessel maintained some distance, but the crew of the Friso refused to leave the nearby barge.

In the meantime, nearby ships that were equipped with a pump began to pour water on the deck of the burning vessel.

At approximately 14:150 hours, a number of fire vessels arrived from the Uitdam. A large amount of smoke could be seen coming out of the superstructure while the windows of the ship were beginning to crack from the fire.

As more and more fire vessels began to reach the burning ship, the blaze began to dissipate.

By 17:45 the firefighting teams had managed to gain control of the fire, after having used 15 tons of foam to avoid polluting the area with oil.

The burned-out vessel was then towed to the port of Urk on September the 16th.



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