Posted on April 26, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Cargo ship, Andrea Princess 2 caught on fire in the evening of April the 22nd, while berthed in Cebu Province, Philippines.

At approximately 20:00 local time, the Philippine Coast Guard received a distress signal from the burning vessel via the Cebu Vessel Traffic Management System.

According to the original distress call, a fire had broken out on the cargo ship while it was berthed at the port of Naga City.

The Coast Guard District Central Visayas (CGDCV) immediately dispatched vessels to the scene in order to assist the distraught vessel.

 More specifically, they sent two multi-role response vessels (MRRVs), the BRP Capones and the BRP Suluan, alongside several firefighting and medical teams.

Upon arrival at the scene, the 20 crewmembers of the Andrea Princess 2 were safely escorted aboard the two vessels, where they received medical attention.

At the same time, the PCG firefighting teams attempted to put out the growing fire.

According to Coast Guard Station officials, the fire was finally extinguished shortly before midnight.

Thankfully no injuries or environmental pollution has been reported as a result of the fire.

Initial investigations by local authorities reveal that the fire was most likely the result of welding work on the ship’s hydraulic hatch on its forward cargo hold, where piles of wood and paint had been stored.

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