Posted on January 03, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after a vessel had its crew kidnapped while sailing off the Coast of Benin.


Category: Attack/Kidnapping

Date: 1st of January

Location: Benin, Gulf of Guinea

Position: 05°28N -  002°21E

Panama-flagged containership, MSC Mandy was sailing through the Gulf of Guinea, some 55 nautical miles south of Cotonou, Benin, when the vessel was attacked by pirates.

Having boarded the vessel, the pirates kidnapped six seafarers.

MSC Mandy has since then moved on to Lagos and the remaining crew members are safe. 


ARX Maritime provide commercial risk management for vessels trading in high risk areas, making sure that vessels adopt and implement the best risk management practices.

As part of this service ARX Maritime have designed the ABaC (anti-boarding and climbing) system. An anti-piracy barrier solution that denies pirates from boarding vessels that are vulnerable to attack in areas of high risk. The ARX ABaC system is designed to repel grappling hooks and ladders, significantly increasing the chances of company vessels and crew surviving unwanted pirate aggression. The ARX ABaC system is easily installed and provides a cost-effective alternative to razor wire.

For more information contact the ARX team on +44 1313170048 or at

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