Posted on August 24, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

Storms have left seven ships stranded off the coast of Taiwan, outside the Kaohsiung Port.

Local authorities are said to be waiting for the storms to subside before they can launch response operations to avoid potential oil spills. 

The grounded ships include containership Jin Hua, which got grounded on the starboard side. Based on the initial assessment, the 12 crew members on board the ship are safe and there has been no oil spill or water ingress reported.

Panama-flagged containership Unlimited 2 is also aground, however, the vessel’s hull has been ruptured. The 10 crew members of the ship have been evacuated. The ship is said to be stable and in no danger of sinking or causing an oil spill.

The ships that suffered a similar fate include Changlong 68, Feilong 68, Tai Chang Hu I, An Li 699, and Shun Yu.

All 88 crew members of the seven ships are reported to be safe, according to Taiwan’s Maritime and Port Bureau.

Picture courtesy of Maritime and Port Bureau, Taiwan

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