Posted on October 16, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Brazilian-flagged Bulk Carrier, HB TUCUNARE ran aground during the afternoon hours of October the 13th while transiting through the Amazon estuary.

The incident occurred at approximately 15:30 hours, as the vessel was transiting through the Curua Canal, some 20 nautical miles off Bailique Island, Brazil.

At the time, the Ore Carrier had been en route from Porto Trombetas to Vila do Conde, with more than 74,000 tons of bauxite onboard.

The vessel had over 2,500 tons of fuel oil on board when the grounding occurred, but thankfully, there’s been no signs of an oil spill yet.

According to initial reports, the vessel ran aground on a river sandbank. Navigating the Amazon River can be an extremely dangerous transit, as the sandbanks can move under the surface of the water, causing groundings in areas that were once safe.

As of writing, the vessel still remains grounded in the same position. Initial assessments suggest that there hasn’t been a vessel beach, as the hull remains intact.

The vessel owner is in cooperation with local authorities and is currently researching possible refloating solutions, as they are dedicated to resolving the issue quickly and safely.

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