Posted on May 24, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Bangladesh-flagged cargo vessel, Sea Crown, capsized in the morning of May the 23rd while transiting through the river Karnaphuli, Bangladesh.

The incident occurred at approximately 09:30 am in the morning near the Karnaphuli 3rd bridge.

The vessel had been carrying over 1,100 tonnes of imported stone. Having loaded its cargo at the Chattogram Port Outer Anchorage, the vessel made its way towards a private terminal in Isanagar.

Having reached its destination in the evening of May the 22nd, it anchored itself near the south bank of the river in order to wait for the unload, which was due to start the next morning.

Unfortunately, however, the vessel got stuck in the stone-made embankment near the river-bank.

The vessel owner, Mamata Trading, arranged for a tug to arrive at the scene in order to try and move the grounded vessel.

In a disastrous turn of events, the tug failed to dislodge the vessel. Instead, a crack developed in the bottom hull and the vessel proceeded to immediately sink.

Thankfully, all 13 crew members aboard the Sea Crown, managed to jump on to nearby vessels and escape.

While the vessel is now considered fully capsized, at least there’s been no reports of injuries related to the incident.

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