Posted on April 03, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

An Australian family have been saved from an attempted pirate attack off the coast of Yemen. Lachin and Louise Turner were on a round-the-world trip with their daughter 11 and son 4, when pirates approached their private yacht.

During the four hours that the family were stalked, more skiffs arrived and attempted to halt their journey by sailing in front of their vessel.

As time passed the family became increasingly concerned that they were running low on fuel and continued to radio for help.

A Japanese warship dispatched a helicopter and a plane to monitor the attack, with the pilot keeping in radio contact with the family to direct them towards the naval ships.

As the warships came in to view the pirates retreated and aborted the boarding attempt.

Louise Turner said:

“We believe it was only by minutes that the appearance of two warships on the horizon thwarted the attack,”

A Pakistani naval ship supplied the yacht with fuel and escorted them to Djibouti.

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