Posted on March 27, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Between several award nominations and record-breaking growth, ARX Maritime is going from strength to strength in 2019.

ARX is now officially protecting more than 2000 seafarers across the globe while looking over an estimated $18bn worth of assets. In what appears to be another record-breaking year, ARX has experienced over 300% growth and is currently supplying risk prevention products to clients in more than 65 countries.

But far from just financial accolades, ARX has received recognition for its efforts by a large assortment of organizations and governmental bodies. In February, ARX won the prestigious “Innovation in Business” award during the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Just a month later, came the nomination for “Best Business in Edinburgh” from the Scottish SME Business Awards.

Our merit was also noticed by the Unlocking Ambition program. A flagship entrepreneurial development fund created by the Scottish Government that supports highly ambitious entrepreneurs from across Scotland, chosen for their individual potential, the quality of their ideas and the contribution they can make to the Scottish economy and wider society.

Most recently, ARX has also received recognition by publications such as the Scotsman, High Growth Scotland, Business Insider UK and Digit, who celebrated ARX’s rapid financial growth and start-up success story.

Having originally graduated from the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur Accelerator program, ARX’s rapid success has allowed it to take on an advisory role when it comes to other start-ups in the program.

“The business has grown much quicker than anticipated, and we’ve been lucky to have the support of experts and other entrepreneurs through Royal Bank’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme in Edinburgh. Scotland has one of the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe, and we’ve found at the heart of the start-up network is a will to help each other out. We’re ‘graduating’ from the programme this year but will continue to advise other programme start-ups and help where we can.” Said ARX COO, Steve Regis.

ARX’s success is also recognized by RBS who has gone on to congratulate the company for its hard work and dedication to supporting other Edinburgh-based start-ups.

 “The rapid growth of ARX Maritime is thanks to Steve spotting a gap in the market and dedicating himself to the development of the business. Steve has been heavily involved in the Entrepreneur Accelerator programme for a number of years and continues to actively support other new businesses, an integral part of a strong start-up network,” said Gill Rattray, entrepreneurial growth manager at Royal Bank of Scotland

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