Posted on October 23, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

ARX CEO, Josh Hutchinson, delivered a speech last week during a safety forum hosted by China-LNG in Hong-Kong.

Speaking on the subject of Piracy and Risk Management, Mr. Hutchinson stressed the need for increased awareness and the risks associated with complacency.

“Everything has a cost associated with it. Be it the cost of the decisions we make, or the cost of the decisions we don’t. Can you afford the cost of not making the right decision?”

Mr. Hutchinson went to emphasize that the industry needs to come up with new, more efficient measures, when it comes to tackling piracy.

“While traditionally, the industry has focused on delaying intruders, we need to step up to the challenge and take it a step further. The goal should not be to delay, but to altogether deny access to our vessels.”

The speech was met with enthusiasm by the audience, as well as the event host, who went on to praise both the presentation and the product, while highlighting the need for increased security processes in shipping.

“We have managed to learn a lot, in the last decades of dealing with preventive measures against piracy, and I feel that the ARX Anti Boarding and Climbing (ABaC) is a good example this learning process. A system that in my opinion is a superior alternative to razor wire, with a simple and straight forward installation, that is also a more effective protection for our crew. The possible introduction of new trading routes for the LNG industry in the East Africa and the further development of FSRUs at a more remote location, will increase the need for more effective hardening processes and equipment.” said Nikos Kefalas, HSSE/QA Manager for China-LNG.


ARX Maritime provide commercial risk management for vessels trading in high risk areas, making sure that vessels adopt and implement the best risk management practices.

As part of this service ARX Maritime have designed an anti-piracy barrier to prevent pirates from boarding your vessel. The ARX anti-boarding and climbing barrier repels grappling hooks and ladders, significantly increasing the chances of your vessel and crew surviving a pirate attack. The system is easily installed and provides a cost-effective alternative to razor wire.

For more information contact the ARX team on +44 1313170048 or at

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