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Korean authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the Russian Captain of the MV Seagrand. The vessel had crashed against a bridge in Busan, South Korea on the 28th of February.

You can read the original story here.

When the Korean Coast Guard tested the Captain for alcohol, they found that he had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit.

The Captain originally claimed that he only started drinking after the crash occurred and not before, but there seem to be a number of discrepancies in his story.

A POV video from onboard the vessel shows that not only was the Captain drunk at the time of the incident but that the Seagrand had also collided with 3 yachts before finally crashing into the Gwangan bridge.


A post on reddit by user Kjoonlee shows a translated transcript of the dialogue taking place in the vessel at the time of the accident:


  • fuck we're going to hit it
  • all hands raise rope, raise rope (raise the anchor)
  • cannot turn, raise it raise it
  • we're fucked, we can't turn; we'll wreck all the yachts
  • eh we can pass safely
  • the fuck we can pass
  • stop machine (stop engines)
  • continued transmissions with VTS(asking if collided with 725)
  • (sigh) we're in deep shit
  • someone help the boatswain, why should he fucking do it alone? why stand around?
  • (VTS) 725 collide with you collide with you
  • nobody say a thing
  • no problem no problem
  • they say we scraped 725
  • what do you mean, no problem say "no collision" for fuck's sake
  • what do you mean, no problem say "no collision" for fuck's sake
  • response to VTS: no collision, we need 2 tug
  • anchor chain, tell them we got tied to their anchor chain; how do you say that
  • fuck they're starting; the stinking yachts, I didn't even touch this yacht
  • (first mate) fuck we can't turn, I told you, we can't turn
  • (first mate) captain, we can't fucking turn
  • (captain) go go go!
  • (first mate) we can't, look at it
  • (captain) go go
  • (captain) take the wheel please listen
  • (captain) stop machine (stop engines)
  • (captain) 2 reverse, 3 reverse, 4 reverse, 5 reverse
  • I already put 8 in reverse, fuck it
  • we can't stop fuck
  • 7 reverse
  • I fucking told you 8 is in reverse
  • fuck we're not slowing down
  • oh fuck we're royally fucked
  • it's over, we're fucked
  • VTS is calling seagrand
  • we can't turn, we need to do more
  • 7 forward
  • they're telling us to drop our anchors
  • stop engine, we're going towards the bridge, drop anchors
  • we should get out and drop anchors
  • look closely, it's a right turn
  • the ship is heavy
  • straight heading
  • starboard 10, starboard 15, hold it steady
  • it's turning to starboard too much, hold it steady
  • straight heading, hold it to stern 10
  • 6 forward at 80, we should speed up and anchor somewhere
  • straight heading
  • 77
  • this is what happens when you drink; you shouldn't when entering
  • not just when entering; whenever you're aboard


According to the Korean Coast Guard, CCTV footage of the wheelhouse of the Seagrand showed that the Captain was disoriented, already under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.



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