Posted on May 20, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Italian RoRo operator, Grimaldi Lines has issued a statement on the back of the two recent fires that broke out in its fleet, calling for tighter regulations on car batteries & dangerous goods.

According to Grimaldi Lines, both fires were the result of vehicles that were being transported on their vessels at the time.

“Following the umpteenth case of a fire that broke out on vehicles transported by cargo vessels, the Grimaldi Group launches an appeal to introduce more stringent controls and regulations on cargo sea transport, not only for rolling units but also for containers.

“Notably, with reference to rolling freight, the Grimaldi Group requests that there be more controls on car batteries, which often cause short-circuits on board vessels, as well as in port terminals. Moreover, it calls for the total prohibition of the presence of personal effects in second-hand vehicles, embarked on ro/ro vessels.

“Finally, with regard to containers, the International Maritime Organization is urged to make mandatory the certification by a classification society of the correct stuffing of containers carrying dangerous goods,” said a representative for Grimaldi in a statement.

The reason behind this statement on behalf of Grimaldi Lines, is the two RoRo fires that occurred in its fleet within the first quarter of 2019.

Last Wednesday, the RoRo Grande Europa, belonging to Grimaldi Lines caught on fire off the coast of Mallorca, Spain. Thankfully, due to the fast response on behalf of the Spanish Coast Guard, the fire was put out relatively easily, with little risk to the vessel & crew.

Unfortunately, however, the fire that occurred onboard the Grande America back in March off the Bay of Biscay, was far more destructive, causing the vessel to sink, and a massive oil spill to wash over the beaches of France.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic


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