Posted on June 24, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

On June the 22nd, Greek authorities detained 9 immigrants that were found onboard the Portuguese-flagged Container Ship, Stadt Dresden.

The vessel, which is currently carrying over 800 containers, had originally sailed from Casablanca, Morocco, and was headed for the Port of Piraeus before moving on to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The Stadt Dresden arrived in Piraeus Anchorage on June the 20th. Upon arrival, the ship’s Master contacted the local authorities to let them know that they had located 9 stowaways hiding in a container.

It's assumed that the stowaways had gotten onboard the vessel in Morocco and managed to hide in a container with the goal of arriving at some European country.

Upon discovery, they were given food and water and were seen to, by a medical professional.

However, they refused political asylum and expressed their wish to continue sailing aboard the Stadt Dresden for some other country.

The ship Master made his wishes clear that he could not keep the stowaways onboard, and as such, they were promptly arrested by Greek authorities.

They have been charged with illegal entry into the country and are currently being held by the Piraeus Port Authority Police Department.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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