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In their second seizure in a week the French Navy seized 1940kg of Hashish with a street value of $75 million USD on April 17th. 

Marine Nationale frigate La Fayette is working as part of the Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), which is part of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).

Together with Marine Nationale destroyer Jean de Vienne, the two French ships have confiscated over 6 tonnes of hashish and 943 kgs of heroin worth over $450 million USD of narcotics over the last two months.

Last week La Fayette’s Panther helicopter was conducting air surveillance when it spotted the ship. A detailed non-destructive search of the vessel was carried out, resulting in the boarding teams from La Fayette locating the hashish.

Commander of CTF 150, Commodore Mal Wise, Royal Australian Navy, said:

“Maritime security operations are a team effort. From information gathering and analysis at the headquarters level to the rapid response and professionalism of the ships at sea, the efforts of CMF continue to have a significant influence on events on the high seas. The recent series of seizures by Marine Nationale ships Jean de Vienne and La Fayette has had an important impact on the sources of funding that are available to terrorist networks.”

Since December 2017, multinational assets in support of CTF 150 have seized over 30 tonnes of hashish and 2.5 tonnes of heroin, valued in excess of $2.3 billion USD. CTF 150 is currently under Australian leadership, with a combined Australian and Canadian staff and supported by assets from the 32 member nations.

The illegal narcotics were recorded and transferred to La Fayette to be destroyed safely at sea. The boarding was conducted in the international waters of the Middle East.

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