Posted on May 01, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

16 fishermen are missing after a violent pirate attack in which the men were attacked with machetes and forced to jump overboard with weights tied to their legs. The attack took place on the evening of 27th March, Northwest of South America.

20 fisherman were onboard four fishing vessels when they were approached by the pirates.

Each of the fisherman were forced to jump overboard. Four managed to swim to safety but 16 are now missing. 

In a statement given to authorities, the survivors described the pirates as having accents from neighbouring Guyana. 

A search and rescue operation was launch by the Coast Guard and fishing vessels of Fisheries Collective Association. 

Reports of violent attacks are rare in the region. Fishermen are regularly attacked by pirates but the pirates are usually only concerned with taking the vessels. 

Local fishermen are said to be scared to venture in to the local waters now over fears that they will be subjected to similar attacks. 

Photo of Suriname fishing boats by Geoffrey Whiteway

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