Posted on December 06, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Fifteen migrants have died off the coast of Libya, after spending more than 12 days at sea without food or water.

Allegedly, according to an Egyptian survivor, their boat had originally set off from the Libyan town of Sabratah, west of Tripoli, before it capsized off the coast of Libya due to bad weather conditions in the area.  

Out of the original 25 migrants onboard, only 10 managed to survive the incident.

The migrants were found washed up on the shore near the city of Misrata, some 270 kilometres east from their point of departure, and were taken to a local Red Crescent relief service.

The survivors had suffered numerous injuries during their journey and were at a state of severe dehydration.

They received medical treatment before being taken to a nearby migrant detention centre in Misrata.

The ten survivors, two of which are women, are mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, with only two of the migrants being from Algeria and Egypt.

Overall, the number of migrants successfully reaching Italy is in sharp decline when compared to 2017.

This can be attributed to the efforts of the European Union in assisting the Libyan Coast Guard with their patrols, as well as the disruption of established Libyan smuggling networks.  

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