Posted on January 11, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

13 Containers fell overboard from a container ship docked at Taiwan’s Kaohsiung port in the afternoon of January the 9th.

The Marshall Islands-flagged, Post-Panamax class vessel, Seamax New Haven, was engaged in cargo operations at the time of the incident, which occurred at approximately 2:35 pm local time.

Several of the containers that fell overboard didn’t sink and remained afloat, causing a hazard for ships leaving and entering the port.

Kaohsiung port authority requested that the shipowner, Evergreen Marine, should immediately dispatch tugboats to the scene in order to protect vessels in the area.

Evergreen proceeded to mobilize three crane vessels and a multitude of divers in order to locate and salvage the missing containers.

As of 8 pm local time, three containers have been successfully lifted, while another 10 empty containers have sunk into the sea.

Salvage operations continue in the area. Evergreen Marine is committed to the salvage operations until every single container has been found and properly disposed of.

Seamax New Haven is owned by Evergreen Marine and managed by NSB. It has a capacity of 8073 TEU.

The vessel left Kaohsiung port on January the 10th and arrived at Taipei on the same day.

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