MDAT GoG Weekly Report 49-17

MDAT-GoG Weekly Report 49-17

MDAT – GoG reports are primarily based upon information sent by vessels using the Voluntary

Reporting scheme. Masters and CSOs are encouraged to report as early as possible, events or sightings with as much detail as possible to allow MDAT-GOG to initiate the appropriate response. Sometimes incomplete reports cause delay to the issue of warnings and our ability to contact Local Navy assets for assistance. Masters are requested to call MDAT-GoG (+33 298 228888) at the time of any incident occurring. This phone number is monitored permanently (24/7). It is requested the Masters contact MDAT-GoG as soon as possible to facilitate quicker actions by the MDAT-GoG and their regional contacts.

Details can be found on SHOM Chart 8801CSD or UKHO Chart Q6114, 30 June 2016, to allow them to report their vessels when transiting the revised Voluntary Reporting Area (VRA), also described on both security charts with the MDAT-GOG, using the email address

Companies / Ships Exercises: MDAT-GOG would like to extend an invitation to Companies / CSOs to be included in Company led exercises/drills. Please do not hesitate to contact the MDAT-GOG in advance of the exercise. The Exercise telephone number is +33 298 221302. As this keeps the Live Emergency Line free.

MDAT-GoG Weekly Report 49-17