General cargo ship sank in Indonesian waters

Dec 11: Ship’s stern is resting on the bottom, fore part is afloat, hull moving around by currents, tides. KENEUKAI at the time of sinking was loading cement, some 52000 sacks were loaded. Oil leak reported. Salvage hampered by a wreck near ship’s sunk stern. From available information it may be surmised, that ship’s hull, initially, was punctured by this wreck, which caused engine room water ingress and flooding.

Dec 8 news: General cargo ship KENEUKAI sank on Dec 8 in Bandjarmasin anchorage, Barito river, southern Kalimantan, Indonesia. The ship rests on the bottom with superstructure and forecastle above water. The ship said to load goods at the time of an accident. Cause of sinking yet unknown.
General cargo ship KENEUKAI, IMO 8405086, dwt 2864, built 1984, flag Indonesia, manager ANDROMEDA SENTRAL PASIFIK.