USS Benfold

Destroyer USS Benfold collided with Japanese tug

US Navy destroyer USS Benfold collided with Japanese commercial tug after tug lost propulsion, on Nov 18 in Sagami Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, during towing exercise. According to the official statement, cited by Stars and Stripes, tug drifted onto USS Benfold. Destroyer sustained small damages, probably scratches and dents, while Japanese tug had to be taken on tow after collision, to be towed to Yokosuka. Japanese tug details will be available later.
Hopefully, this minor accident won’t be equaled to recent deadly collision – it’s just different, and has no parallels with collisions in June and August.
USS Benfold (DDG-65), Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, displacement 8900 tons, commissioned 1996, armament missiles, guns, torpedoes, complement 281.