Escape a pirate attack

Albacora tuna vessel escapes Somali pirate attack

A vessel owned by Spanish tuna fishing giant Albacora, Galerna III, managed to escape a pirate attack northwest of the island of Mahe, in international waters, El Correo reported.

Last Saturday morning, the captain gave the alarm when a suspicious boat approached at full speed, said the boat’s owner, Ager Zabala. Crew gathered in a “security tunnel”, following their protocol, while security agents prepared to repel the aggression.

“They sent several bursts of warning [shots] when the boat was about eight hundred meters away, and when they saw that we were armed, the pirates decided to give up,” Zabala said.

None of the crew members of Galerna III suffered any damage and the boat continued to operate normally. “It was something so fast that it did not give us time to frighten us,” they explained a few hours later.

Galerna III and Intertuna are the only tuna vessels of the company that are currently fishing, under a foreign flag, while the other vessels with Spanish flags had to stop fishing on Nov. 5.

This is the first skirmish between Basque tuna boats and Somali pirates since 2012.